Abigail Jones

Abigail Jones (b. 1995, UK) is currently in her final year of study at

The University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, gaining a BA (hons) Degree in Fine Art.

Working predominantly as a film maker, Jones’ works takes on a storytelling aspect when it comes to the visual arts, calling upon surrealism and uncanny imagery which takes form through sculptures in order to present her concepts and themes. Inspired in part by the writing of Barabara Creed's 'The Monstrous-Feminine' and various Science Fiction publications, Jones attempts to reflect on our ever-growing intimate relationship with the cosmos, and the fetishization in the search for 'alien' life and the concept of being surveyed from afar. Using herself as a recurring character in her video work, along with a combination of greenscreen and found footage, Jones' creates short low budget works to pay homage to the B Movie Science Fiction films though the decades.

‘Watch me’ is a short film questioning our interaction with the universe that has, for many years, been mysterious and remote. Everything is now much more intimate and surveillanced with our growth of knowledge and technology; and yet we still fetishize the concept of being watched and surveyed ourselves by distant planets. With the moon being our closest point of contact and often anthropomorphised as a female, motherly figure, using found footage, the viewer and narrator's position shifts throughout the film to question who is watching who and whether there is further conscious life within our growing universe.