Stef Will

'The Golden Shower'

by Stef Will


Alcohol Ink, Acrylic, Resin and Blood on Canvas.

60 x 80 cm


The monochrome artwork depicts a dark thundery atmosphere with golden raindrops falling from the sky. The tension between the oppressive sky and the uplifting golden raindrops explores subject matters hope and optimism. The work plays with the proverb ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ and has become particularly relevant in the current crisis where democracy and freedom is being threatened around the globe.


The work gently persuades us that the ‘the sky has no surface’, as without a surface delineating the sky, it ultimately has no limits, and that it’s our actions and imagination only that limit us.


Within the golden rain drops, we can find three drops of the artist’s blood. Blood, containing a person’s DNA fingerprint, is the ultimate denominator of our physical identity and used here in place of a signature.