James Warman

James is a self-taught digital and film photographer based near the Welsh border in Shropshire, UK.

Taking his inspiration from the world around him James’s work expresses both his own emotions as well as reflecting on a wider social commentary. The natural environment, particularly forests, trees and woodlands feature regularly in his work. Capturing light and shade, tone and texture, hues as well as using photographic techniques such as “Intentional Camera Movement” James creates evocative images that draw the viewer in.

When not tramping through the woods with his camera, James also has a passion for capturing real life moments through Street Photography. Shining a light on the ordinary and everyday moments in a candid way.

Music also plays an important role in James’ life and his work. As well as photographing musicians, live gigs and festivals James often uses song titles and lyrics as inspiration for his work.

For the project “The Sky Has No Surface” James employed a technique of close-up camera work to reveal alien-like worlds from ordinary terrestrial objects.


“As a photographer I like finding an angle or perspective different from the norm, highlighting something that is not usually seen although it might be right under our feet. I guess that's what photographers do, holding up a mirror to a world not often seen. Well that's what I try to achieve as a photographer anyway. Recently I was struck by how interesting the texture of an avocado stone was, so I took a macro lens attachment for my iPhone captured a couple of shoots. Because of the way I frame it, it's texture and colour, it struck me how much the final image looked like a distant moon or planet, and so I experimented with other objects such as potatoes, tomatoes, and other food stuff. I think this series of images invites the viewer to re-examine their perception of reality and what is otherworldly.”


James’ work has previously been exhibited and published and more details can be found on his website and Instagram pages: www.jameswarmanphotography.com @jameswarmanphotos @warman_street_photography @views_from_a_coffee_cup