Jo Tamar

Instagram page: jotamar_artexperiment Artist Statement Capturing structures and reactions in a way that highlights their relationship to the space surrounding them. Using a range of processes including magnification, close up film and photography to document reactions that take place in my experiments. The nature of the reactions makes capturing them unpredictable and fleeting. Documenting these moments allows for the exploration and consideration of the fragility and non-permanent state of the substances and solutions.


The ‘Experiments: substance to solution’ series capture the fragile, non-permanent and untouchable, encouraging the unobvious to be viewed, directly relating them to the concept of ‘The Sky Has No Surface’. By questioning what is beyond our line of sight when documenting my reactions, led to the capturing of this series of images. Each image, whether still or moving explores a space that has endless boundaries, with surfaces that are unpredictable.