Noelle Genevier 

Noelle Genevier (born in 1958) lives, works and studies in Surrey. She is currently studying for a Fine Art MA but up until 2016 had little knowledge or experience of contemporary fine art. While studying for her BA Fine Art (Hons) she quickly assimilated ideas and concepts which soon became reflected in her collage work. Genevier’s collages contain themes of the everyday and nature using her own and found images. The metamorphoses of the images and the materials create works which are often 3d and sculptural and contain the intertwining of pattern, shape and colour to create opposing perspectives.


The work is looking at intricate connections and associations we have and need to develop further with our surroundings. It is looking at the layers of information that are contained in a single viewpoint or image. The work tries to look in depth and beyond what is physically possible and at underlying constructs which could develop a new way of looking at the world.


The work is influenced by Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Matter in which she asks the viewer to contemplate creating a new way of looking at the world, One which does away with the hierarchical idea that humans are the only agents in the world. The work explores a way of viewing the environment anew.


The current piece of work has developed at a tangent from previous work by becoming monochromatic, two-dimensional and explosive in scale. The oversized screenprint engulfs the viewer forcing the onlooker to inspect it, to create associations and recognise connections. The screenprint has been developed from the collages which are the mainstay of her work. Deleuze’s Fold Theory is evident in these collages which have the potential to grow and change. The collages offer the potential of being all encompassing and boundless allowing alternate routes to be taken.