Jessica Berry

My practice has recently evolved into exploring the instinctive feelings and decisions I have around making art. Guided by feeling, I try to make work that will resonate with others in a humble, creative way through inventing worlds that have not been touched by human presence; they are open to so many versions and possibilities for an individual to imagine. I hope to use art to bridge the gap between an individual’s experience and the understanding and connection with that experience from the viewer. In time, I think this could aid the subjects of communication and approachability within art.


I think that this piece has shown how important it is for me to challenge my perception of what work I create, as well as to challenge the pressure of convention within the art world. By solely focusing on feeling and translating instinct into something both physical yet imaginary, I feel fulfilled. By not forcing the boundary that for me is planning and thinking too much about a piece, I have allowed myself to imagine and establish this cardboard world freely. This has been incredibly satisfying and liberating for myself both artistically and personally.