Anna Clough

I’m an artist currently basted in Manchester and a co-founder of the art collective ‘Gypsophila’. Within my practice am interested in perceptions of organic spaces. All matter originates from the same source that being the stars. Treating matter unequally and viewing living organic matter as unperishable puts the planet’s ‘green spaces’ at risk from our actions. I aim for my work to create an authentic expression of my thoughts from nature, connecting to a moment experienced in time. A painting will always be about painting. My idea of nature informs the painting visually. I want my practice to acknowledge equally the formalism and semiotic quality. The viewer will free associate to see what they wish; it’s my job to guide them to see within the work my interpretation of a moment in the outdoors; the forms are the intermediary. I experiment with how we view painting; altering our perception of what a canvas might be. I wish to create or cause remembrance of moments in ‘green spaces’ through my work. Embracing equally the science and spirituality of these places. Above all I aim for my work to convey a shared love and respect of the outdoors.


I think the most important thing in life is to question. It’s crucial to explore the world around us; to ask where everything comes from and to investigate different ways of living. As an artist I am particularly interested in the outdoors. I explore within my work personal and shared collective moments experienced in ‘green spaces.’ I wish to create conversations about these places, questioning what it is society values from them. I believe our relationship with the organic world has boundless possibilities to improve ourselves and our culture. It’s in our best interests to keep strengthening this bond, Looking up and questioning what is on the surface of the sky.