Lieske Weenik

I am an artist based in Brighton, UK. My practice currently focuses upon the themes of human relationships, psychological boundaries and time. The importance of storytelling and the power of an individual voice are also important strands that weave through my practice. I aim to explore these concepts through a mixture of film, sound, sculpture and installation which express topics that are often left unspoken. The act of reciting our own narrative encourages us to see our part in our own individual grand narrative and the narrative of others. However, one thing storytelling and art have in common is that both can be deceptive. I create artificial environments from organic places and events so the reality presented feels uncomfortable and uncanny. These spaces create deep routed psychological boundaries between individuals and their experiences.


The Ponderers


"The Ponderers" consists of six boxes, inside each a film plays of an individual or individuals sat by the sea. This artwork encloses these individuals in their own moments separately, the boxes containing them are all different sizes and dimensions gathered together, yet through the mundane they forge an un-earthly portrayal of life.


The individuals stare into the abyss and are drawn to the waterfront to be reminded that much of our day-to-day existence sometimes can seem shortterm and artificial. It is a place which allows us as humans to think, reevaluate and reconsider our lives. The sea is larger, older and grander than we could ever be, and unlike our dry land it is in constant restless motion. Its boundaries can appear limitless and what is happening below the surface is even more uncertain giving humans a visual cue to consider the bigger picture. With a lack of distractions, less important thoughts no longer occupy our minds and the endless space of the ocean is unlike anything else we can experience on earth