Kelli-Shai Hughes

The presence of space as well as the body are both issues I typically explore within my work. I find myself looking at objects we surround ourselves with on a daily basis including our possessions. Minimizing these familiar, domestic objects to explore their shape and form as well as colour. In essence, all of these aspects are how we perceive or engage with the world around us. I find interest in how the body works alongside the objects within our surroundings and perhaps how they may be used in order to allow negative space to become more tangible. My work tends to explore deeper into the fine line between materiality and immateriality, discussing the visceral aspects within art.


Focusing on how these aspects within the objects I create can exist and change based on their surroundings is where I began to find a path into the sensory as well as the ephemeral, mainly developing an immersive experience for my viewers. Potentially creating abstract objects which question the material nature & value of everyday objects. Within the John Locke theory, he discusses that consciousness is a main aspect of self, and as human beings, we all have a conscience. Locke mentions how “Substances are independent existences, while modes and relations depend on substances for their existence”. Speaking of how the materiality of an object may only exist through the interaction with humanity, I aim to highlight that our relationship with these objects may not necessarily inform whether the object's existence depends on that interaction or not.


Focusing on our relationship with these objects as well as the intangible space around us these are all concepts I like to base my work on. Also questioning how objects can be used for comfort as well as a grounding to what we perceive as reality. Exploring the boundary between attraction and repulsion, I hope to discuss the notions of desire. Within my practice, I experiment with materiality & would like to further the understanding I have of my research by playing with sculpture, photography, performance and film. I have always admired the concept of abstract work, even considering how it would be more eye-catching to use colours and imagery that break from direct & literal work which I find distract the viewer.


Exploring these multiple disciplines, I hope to present my work as experimental as well as playful. With experimentations of wax, food, latex/PVA, textiles and cellophane as potential mediums, I find experimenting with a variety of materials is a key aspect of finding new processes and attribute to the aspect of play. Being at home I find my use of materials to be quite domestic and easily accessible, I believe this has helped me create & learn new approaches to how I interact with my work and the various ways of presenting the work. I hope by using the materials I could potentially make pieces that the audience can interact with and therefore become a part of my work. I am hoping that the viewer will be able to relate & potentially understand the invisible aspects of reality even allowing them to question reality. I hope this will leave the viewer intrigued to find out more as well as get involved.