Robyn Jacobs

Robyn Jacobs practice focuses on the search for knowledge through an inquiry into aspects of place and nature. She works across a multiple of mediums in order to realise outcomes that investigate the differing properties of material and process. The work explores the role of activity as a means to enhance awareness of relationship with landscape and seeks to slow this experience through such methods as repetition, mark making and recording. Her aim is to create space for the senses to be still and engage, to notice and take care of the fragile place in which all forms of life rely on.


Recent work focuses on fragments and objects unearthed while gardening. Over time (distant and recent) these objects were discarded and left to bury themselves in the soil. As they now emerge, a collection builds with components consisting of ceramics, glass, metal, plastic, fabric and other forms of man made material. There are oyster shells and bones also. The objective for this ongoing body of work is to re-animate and to expose a new chapter in the story of these objects.


The introduction (2021), digital film, duration 1 minute, 40 seconds


The proposed work centres around an outcome that discloses and introduces the found objects. Crossing time and the hierarchies of worth, the common thread that runs through this collection is the essence of being found and kept. The question becomes where does the narrative begin? What systems or decisions take place that move the work into a resolved outcome? Is the nature of flux a part of the work, an ever-shifting scenario? Playing with numerous responses to the objects, this work focuses on bringing the experiments together in a coherent form to highlight the desire for exploration and learning. It is a process of becoming and an introduction.


The work will be a film of an installation with a duration of 1 minute and 40 seconds. The film shows the work displayed on a board on the floor with a stop motion film that projects through the objects and onto a white wall behind. The projection plays with notions of animation, shadows and the cycle of time and the board has an arranged selection of objects, loosely fixed to a grid system.