Fiona Goldswain



The artist Fiona is currently working on the area of personal growth and bases her work on Martin Heidegger’s notion “A boundary is not that at which something stops but, that at which something begins.”

She is a multimedia artist exploring how different media impact the notion of each piece. In her work the colours, textures and visual impact are all important for conveying the emotions to the viewer. There is a high emphasis on colour throughout her work reflecting the depth of passion in these emotions.

Fiona is currently working on her BA Fine Arts degree. This involves looking at philosophy and psychology, in which she enjoys researching and reflecting. This is evident in the scope and depth of her work within the materials she has selected.

She enjoys creating work for display and interaction with the viewer. This usually involves several exhibitions each year. Last year, 2020, the class presented in London at the Max Factor Contemporary Art Exhibition.


The work In this piece of work she has alluded to the notion that we create our own ‘comfort zone’ with boundaries, perhaps to keep ourselves ‘safe’ from something? As Alfred Adler, psychologist, wrote “What purpose does it serve?”. Referring to our ‘comfort zone’ or ‘comforter’ object. Once we resolve this issue of why we have need of a place or object, we can free ourselves. Letting go and leaving the ‘comfort zone’, even if this causes pain and discomfort, can be a challenging notion taking that step. However, once the vision of possibilities has been absorbed, quite literally there are no limits.

The comfort zone is a restricted space that is carpeted. The space now opened reflects the beauty above and being inviting. The space inside the sphere is clear and free making it ready to leave and be filled with limitless possibilities.


Cardboard, emulsion paint, carpet, vinyl holographic car wrapping and vinyl balloon.