Benna Gaean Marris

Benna Gaean Maris


I am a multi-awarded interdisciplinary artist engaged since 2004 in exhibiting internationally with the purpose of raising awareness on metaphysical, human, social and environmental issues.


My artistic expression is eclectic and characterised by the coexistence of two fundamental elements: a firm conceptual substratum and an unsettled aesthetic appearance, which takes advantage of sundry disciplines and techniques: painting, photography, graphics, cinematography, sculpture, writing or music as well.


Latest biennials

MADATAC XI - Biennial of New Media Arts 2020 - Madrid - Spain

The Wrong Biennale of Digital Arts 2019-2020 - Internet

BIENALSUR 2019 Biennale - Latin America

Triennale della Fotografia Italiana 2017 - Venezia - Italy


Latest awards

Festival of Time International Contest 2020 - Exhibiting Artist - Sermoneta, Italy

ExperimentoBIO 2019 - 2nd Prize - Bilbao - Spain

Cine Cube Award 2018 - 2nd Prize - Kunstmuseum Stuttgart - Germany

Pasinetti VideoPrize 2018 - Videographics Prize - Venezia - Italy

STAR Bene Contest 2017 - 1st Prize - Teramo - Italy

75 Second Film Awards 2016 - Jury commendation - Hull - England




Panspermia, 2010-2017

Stills from the homonymous video, 1080 × 1080 pixels


«Human, listless soul incapable of producing natural splendour beauty, whose remains are colourful polluting waste, sterile spores of a synthetic world, all things people strove for so engagedly.»


This work showing plastic objects floating in deep space was conceived to expose what is already happening: Earth is surrounded by a cloud of orbiting trash like depleted satellites and space missions debris. The frivolous garbage I chose represent human aspirations and romantic shortsightedness and eventually what alien archaeologists may find of our lost in time civilisation. The cosmic backgrounds are painted with Suminagashi technique.