Thankyou for taking the time to view this Online Exhibition. Please be advised that this show is best viewed from a computer desktop rather than smaller devices. All images and Videos connect to the creator of that piece, video info accessible by the name link on the side of the video. All works are property of the artist that created them, please contact the artist directly for any external usage. 



Have you ever wondered what's beyond our line of sight? Why we only see blue when we look up but we know there is an infinite amount of space surrounding us. The great Beyond... within reach yet extremely intangible. 


'The Sky has no Surface' looks to these intangible things asking artists to explore their own boundaries and surfaces in relation to what goes beyond our line of sight.  

Created and Curated by Artist Catherine McCaw-Aldworth, This online Exhibition goes hand in hand with a time when we are unable to touch and be close, playing with ideas of intangibility and expanding them beyond the current global situations to metaphorical and real boundaries. Some of these ideas are limited in logistics but through exploratory art practice the artists have been able to capture and contextualise these earthly and ethereal subjects. Split into three sections, the curator had in mind three quotes when beginning the planning for this online show. The works all speak to each other in some way, communicating various themes and contexts with the hope that anyone who views this online exhibition would expand their line of sight to see beyond what they believe is the surface of the sky and realise that there is no surface at all.