Harry Grundy

Harry Grundy (1993) is a London based artist making art for the Anthropocene epoch. Conceptual, performative and multidisciplinary, Harry is working in the natural world in an unnatural time. Ideas become materials, natural matter become ready mades, human becomes object. With a background in design, ideas are treated with a rigorous honesty and crafted with a graphic eye. The work navigates contemporary culture’s hunger for instant gratification through layers of meaning and by resisting closure — opening up conversation around the climate emergency and the responsibility of artists as the maker of things. When the work is biographical it tells the story of a human, not of Harry. When the work is photographic it is sculptural. When the work is contrived by technology it projects something pre-human. Learnings from the Land Art movement are tested against post-internet conditions encouraging a tension that reflects the way our species have brutalised Earth to meet our industrialized vision. Through layering paradox, Harry asks the viewer to look closely and critically at our relationship with this phenomenal world.

Harry has completed a residency at Fabrica Research Centre in Treviso, Italy (2019) and the Emerging Creatives Residency at the H Club in London (2019). He has guest tutored at Kingston University and London College of Communication and exhibited at the KK Outlet, Candid Art Centre and Chapel Arts Centre in Winchester. Harry has written for Elephant Magazine, AIGA, Lecture in Progress and BFR Mag. He graduated from Kingston University in 2016 with first class honours in graphic design and studied clowning at Albert and Friends Circus School in 2007.