Mairead Dunne

Mairead Dunne is a contemporary illustrator and artist from Ireland, who lives in Cornwall, UK. She has an MA in Authorial Illustration and a Masters of Fine Art. Her work has been exhibited widely both nationally and internationally, and she has been the recipient of several international art residency funding awards, including - Beijing, Bulgaria, and France. Her experimental style of photography won the Michael Marks Illustrated Poetry Award at the British Library, London, 2016.


How The Light Gets In

In order to view the unattainable, what is beyond reach, we must become voyeurs. How The Light Gets In, is a concept series exploring the place of our planet within the wider context of human existence. Viewed from a voyeuristic perspective, the work reveals a fragile world turned inside out radiating light into the darkness. Orbiting beyond our own imagination, we must free ourselves from our human ego to grasp the inconceivable.


The work explores the idea of a solar system of planetary eggs; each one awaiting its own galactic birth. An infinite celestial life cycle. Our earth's broken fractures suggest a rebirth, or life before human intervention - a radical new vision for the survival of our planet. Born curious, what happens when we break free from the light and fly beyond the darkness